1. Calipers


  2. Shark Alley in the Everglades


  3. Dog walking with a cellphone


  4. Blind Cowboy - Dead Equine by ThreeA


  5. Unpredictable Gravity @ Roq La Rue Gallery


    Jeremy Geddes, Ashley Wood, Brian Despain, John Brophy, Sail, Camilla D’Errico, Ross Richmond, Christopher Thompson, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Thomas Doyle, Esao Andrews, Ego, Menton J Mathews III, Todd Karam, Peter Ferguson, Mike Mitchell, Martin Wittfooth, AJ Fosik, Brett Amory, Jacub Gagnon, Matthew Dunn, Ryan Heshka, Joao Ruas, Josh Keyes, Syd Bee, ThreeA, Derek Nobbs


  6. This looks better on my phone


  7. Brian Despain - The Shepard


  8. Jeremy Geddes - The Call


  9. John Brophy - Dream of Venus

    Coverage from the Breaking The Spell opening on Arrested Motion


  10. Our nine year old cat Shiva has bum knees.  Degenerative joint disease.


  11. Frozen


  12. Thankful

    I’m a few days late, but good things come, or so the saying goes.  The thing I’m most thankful for is my wife, Jessica.  I could go on and on with the whys and the who-what-fors, but I think this picture encapsulates it all.  We were at an art opening and I think we were joking around and laughing at some inside joke like we always do.  Probably inappropriate and said in whispers.  But what you can’t see is that she was in immense pain.  Her body was achy.  She had lost 15 lbs inexplicably.  She had a nasty cough, and was soaking the bed with nightly sweats.  But despite that, she put on her best dress and came out to enjoy the night, cracking that beautiful smile that will never be contained.  Two weeks after this photo was taken, we learned that her “cold” was really cancer.  A tumor the size of a softball had grown inside her chest and her body was reacting by shutting down.  That was two years ago.  Two years ago this week we were prepping for surgeries and the beginning of chemo, then radiation a few months later.  But it was that smile and her spirit that I will remember the most from the past two years.  It’s what I’m most thankful for.  And I’m happy to say that as of last month, the doctor has decided further scans aren’t necessary.  The cancer’s goose is cooked, kaput, toast.  She’s a certified survivor.  Just try to wipe that smile off her face now.  Love you honey.


  13. Seattle band Shadowboxing


  14. Unpredictable Gravity @ Roq la Rue - January 9th-March 1st

    Curated by Robbie Lowery, with proceeds benefiting cancer charities.


  15. Marco Mazzoni’s Naturama

    Opening coverage on Arrested Motion