1. A good ride


  2. Crater Face


  3. Moth


  4. Martin Wittfooth - Atman (Mirage) & Brahman (Sacrifice) respectively


  5. Alleyway


  6. Analog


  7. Calipers


  8. Shark Alley in the Everglades


  9. Dog walking with a cellphone


  10. Blind Cowboy - Dead Equine by ThreeA


  11. Unpredictable Gravity @ Roq La Rue Gallery


    Jeremy Geddes, Ashley Wood, Brian Despain, John Brophy, Sail, Camilla D’Errico, Ross Richmond, Christopher Thompson, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Thomas Doyle, Esao Andrews, Ego, Menton J Mathews III, Todd Karam, Peter Ferguson, Mike Mitchell, Martin Wittfooth, AJ Fosik, Brett Amory, Jacub Gagnon, Matthew Dunn, Ryan Heshka, Joao Ruas, Josh Keyes, Syd Bee, ThreeA, Derek Nobbs


  12. This looks better on my phone


  13. Brian Despain - The Shepard


  14. Jeremy Geddes - The Call


  15. John Brophy - Dream of Venus

    Coverage from the Breaking The Spell opening on Arrested Motion